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Posted on May 17, 2019

Kylie is a beautiful, precious soul with a very soft and loving look. First appearing in 2016, Kylie Page rocked her first appearance with fantastic ratings, and rode that train like an animal. Since then she's appeared in a total of six sets, including one awesome shower scene.

While unfortunately we don't have any new Kylie at this time, we're definitely hoping to shoot her again in the future, as her and her huge breasts will always manage to blow our socks off.

If you haven't seen everything she has to offer yet, we implore you to. She is a gift that keeps on giving; a very special Page in our vast library of goods.

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Have a good weekend all 🙂


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coniow about 5 hours ago
It does seem as though this Sundays 'Flashback' has not loaded, although it has dropped from 'upcoming.' I also have a feeling that LAST Sundays set has not appeared yet either?
jp3000 1 day ago
Luv the dark eyed beauty

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