Beautiful Rectangles

Posted on Mar 01, 2019

There are some things about beauty that are beyond explanation, there are times where a photograph is beautiful and I could give you plenty of reasons why I think so, but ultimately it is a culmination of a variety of features that make something beautiful to me, and no individual thing may be the tipping point. Fortunately there are smart people out there who have researched and can help us understand exactly what beauty is all about.

Going through our massive archive, we have literally thousands of images of beautiful women. But, sometimes there are particular images that catch my eye that may not even be erotic or even sensual. These kinds of images pop up often in JSH's photo sets—where something about the entirety of the photo just works. Maybe you'll see what I mean in these.


Abigail Mac

Alexis Adams

Valentina Vaughn

Angelica Heart

Sophia Jade

Spencer Scott

Beauty is a big part of my life. It's important to me for my personal works to be beautiful to myself, and I like to surround myself with things I find beautiful. There is an understanding that doing that makes us happier, and I definitely find that to be the case. Perhaps that's why you are here. It's definitely a big part of why I am. There's more to this than the common, low quality hardcore pornography out there without a thought put into the composition; this place was a vision and I am wholly interested in keeping the flame alive.

Have a wonderful weekend,


3 Member Comments

spushor 6 months ago
Well stated, I come here for the beauty.
coniow 6 months ago
:-) !
rickmar1 6 months ago
Ryder, while I enjoy porn, I come here for the beauty. I really love the beauty of the naked female body and you have been able to present it in a usually tasteful manner. Keep that flame burning.

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