Blondes and the cup!

Posted on Jun 24, 2018

Blake Bartelli

I sure do love this time of year. The beach blondes are out in force and the excitement of the World Cup is everywhere. Since the USA pathetically did not qualify, the kids and I have been liking Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, and Uruguay. There have been some great matches so far...but the women fans are stealing the spotlight!!

Kenna James

MK Blondie

Lena Anderson

Mia Malkova


Ashley Lane

Kylie Page

Riley Anne

Alex Gray


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oldart about 1 year ago
They're all beautiful!!
vizual about 1 year ago
After admiring the beauty and sensuality of the models, feeling natural desires of intimacy with these goddesses, I thought I would see how other admirers expressed these feelings. Have you all gone berserk? Yes: Thank you for the names. But, hey: Thank you for the beauty!
coniow about 1 year ago
+ Rickmar1, I am also hopeless at remembering names. It does help when they are attached to beautiful girls with bodies to die for, though! ;-). On the subject of remembering names, my old man had an answer for that: When somebody suggested that he "Really needed to do something about that." He said that he had done. When asked what it was, he replied "I have come to terms with it!" 'Nuff said.
rickmar1 about 1 year ago
Professor coniow, you probably do have way too much time on your hands but, it is a great way to spend it. lol. I have always been horrible with names.
mrshred (Admin) about 1 year ago
Sorry about that...names are now posted.
coniow about 1 year ago
1/ Blake Bartelli, 2/ Kenna James, 3/ MK Blondie, 4/ Lena Anderson, 5/ Mia Malkova, 6/ Katie, 7/ Ashley Lane, 8/ Kylie Page, 9/ Riley Anne, 10/ Alex Grey. (Oh, Boy! I must have WHAY too much time on my hands :-).
jp3000 about 1 year ago
Hey Shred, who's the model in the 4th picture?
dzmwsglass about 1 year ago
please post their names

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