Caption Contest no. 2

Posted on Oct 08, 2018

Below are a dozen goofy photos that are just begging for a caption. Also evidence of someone who spends way too much time rummaging through the DD archives... Use the numbers, with the model’s name, to reference your caption.

1 Avy Scott

2 Allie Rae & Madi Meadows

3a Jillian Brooks & Sharon Lee

3b Jillian Brooks & Sharon Lee

4 Deja Chan

5 Danika Flores

6a Jade & Sabrine Maui

6b Jade & Sabrine Maui

7 Corinna Blake

8 Cameron Cain & Sandra Shine

9 Monique Alexander & Brook Taylor

10 Sunny Leone

I’ll start things off:

No. 3a Jillian Brookes & Sharon Lee “My God, it’s full of stars.”

Until next time….may you find comfort in life’s absurdities.


12 Member Comments

paq1zosy 8 months ago
2 Allie Rae & Madi Meadows: "I'll bet he doesn't eat pussy Like I Do"
paq1zosy 8 months ago
6a Jade & Sabrine Maui: Surf & Turf......All that Beef needs is some "horsey Sauce"....Just a minute....I'll whip some up!
paq1zosy 8 months ago
3a Jillian Brooks & Sharon Lee: I don't know what it is....I suddenly have a taste for fresh shrimp
paq1zosy 8 months ago
7 Corinna Blake: No...I said No!........Well..OK
paq1zosy 8 months ago
6b Jade & Sabrine Maui: The only way to eat seafood
paq1zosy 8 months ago
1 Avy Scott: Love that vertical smile.... If you put your ear close, you can hear the ocean
mrshred (Admin) 8 months ago
1. "What can I do to get out of this ticket Officer?" 6a. "Whoever said sushi pairs great with rare roast beef was right!"
wingnut66 8 months ago
GOOD ONES, GUYS! 1-SOMEONE HELP ME!!! I dropped my contact lens. 2-Needs more salt. 4-This lady hasn't had sex in a LONGGGGG time. 6A & B YUM, FRESH SUSHI. 8-Missed it by THAT much!!!
mauddibb 8 months ago
:-) Coniow, thanks for putting a smile on my face--and making this blog worth the effort. (I like your second #4 the best.)
coniow 8 months ago
1 ==> "I KNOW I left my panties in here SOMEWHERE!" 4 ==> "What was that you said? 'Bite Me' ?" 5 ==> "Damn! Who let the air out?" 4 ==> Yes, it IS purrfectly normal for a pussy to play with a spider before eating it. 3b ==> "Now why is it SO hard for a girl to get nipple tassels to match her collar and cuffs?"

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