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Posted on Oct 02, 2016


Just thought I'd give a shout out to all the classically beautiful girls that share that timeless quality we all know and love. I know there are too many to post here so I'll celebrate just a few of the enshrined collection...









Had to have one more of Gina...

Oh dear...


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moquojba almost 3 years ago
Speaking about classic beauty, today's Daily Photo of Candy Evans is the definition of classic beauty!
rickmar1 almost 3 years ago
My goodness! Not a bad choice in the entire group. I'm with ricky62 on hyper linking the names and images.
ricky62 almost 3 years ago
C'mon guys... please hyper link the names/images so we can go to their page without having to go back Home and Search!
pulchra almost 3 years ago
My own list of Classics includes Adele Stephens, Cassandra, Cindy, Sara St James, and my #1 pick, Valerie. Gee, seems like single-name girls were more prevalent back then; wonder why.
fbwlou almost 3 years ago
Every one of these women is an Absolute Stunner! Great choices!
coniow almost 3 years ago
A real box of delights! I have overlooked Mari Possa until now, but this is now corrected, so thankyou Shred!
surfcityjoe almost 3 years ago
Kia Freakin' Delao. Sometimes known as "Cheri Ryder". hot Hot HOT.
moquojba almost 3 years ago
Would love to see more of Vicki and Kelly Havel.

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