Cottony Desire

Posted on Oct 05, 2018

Savannah's recent set has reignited our love of socks. A pair of cute socks can only make things better, and we've got plenty of socks at Digital Desire. Take a look...

Malena Morgan, long and white

Georgia Jones, long and rainbow

Aj Bailey, short and sweet

Dakota Rae

Bree Daniels, perfectly pink

Happy weekend 🙂


2 Member Comments

mauddibb 8 months ago
Great theme. Nice selection! And then there's a very sexy set of Mia Lina with above-the-knee red-and-black striped socks.
coniow 9 months ago
Not to forget Emma Mae's video with the 'long and banded' socks. Shame about the boob job, as they where better before!

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