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Posted on Apr 16, 2010

Here's an image of Chikita---a young, beautiful Czech girl that I had the pleasure of shooting this week.

About 20 years ago I met my wife to be and one of the first rules she established was that I would no longer do far away location shoots with the models.

I imagine a lot of you out there might have an initial negative reaction to this, but at the time she created that mandate, I respected her for it. Plus, I knew myself. I'd (previous to knowing her) had many excursions abroad with models and knew (just like I'm sure most actors and actresses know) the risk involved while on location with scrumptious members of the opposite sex.

I'm a husband first and a father second but I'm also faced with the curse of being a man---living with the inevitable DNA construction that can make me weak at just the right (or wrong) moments. So ultimately, I think my wife's rule has truly helped me continue to be an honorable man. And silly as it is, I'm constantly telling my younger assistants the reality that love, in a family context ,is larger than any joy I've ever experienced in life (that includes travel, sex, you name it). So probably this two decade moratorium has helped me preserve life's ultimate joy.

When the Eastern Euro girls first started coming to America to shoot they came in droves—fresh, beautiful fillies, with great attitudes, and natural boobs like I'd only seen in paintings.

(below an image of Chikitas all-natural breasts—wow)

(and then there is her bum)

Although we shot most of our content on Veronica here in California my wife did accompany our crew to capture her splendor on the beaches of Mexico.

Kyla was another phenomenal East Euro goddess who we shot extensively at our home studios as well as the beaches of Malibu.

The list of incredible girls who flew over and shot with us is extensive but unfortunately the combination of 9/11 and 2257 (the stupid porn law that disallows shooting girls without U.S. ID, unless you shoot them out of the country) has made it really hard to photograph these girls here on American soil.

So, for most of the last decade our best opportunity to shoot these wonders from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, etc. has been to send a crew over to shoot which we do annually. But to me there's two tragedies in this formula. I don't get to shoot them (although I can't touch I still want to photograph beautiful women—duh) and Mark and Charles have limited resources for production over there compared to our Spielberg like infrastructure at the Ranch.

Last weekend we were blessed with the arrival two Euro beauties by way of Arizona. They're in Scottsdale taking classes and decided to hit up some photographers in L.A. Since Mark and Charles had shot Chikita last year in Prague we were familiar with her.

The really exciting part for me is that I got to shoot Chikita myself. About 20 frames in I realized what I'd been missing—the natural beauty, freshness and perfect boobs of an Eastern Euro girl.

I'll probably never go abroad to shoot foreign models again--but, I had 'my day' and now I revel in my family, my great staff and workspace and occasionally (as seen here) framing up an amazing, voluptuous, visiting Eastern European creature in my lens.

Have a great weekend

J. Stephen


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