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Dreaming of Karmen

Today we have the pleasure of shooting European lingerie turned nude model Karmen! This will be the Scottish/Greek born goddess's first shoot here in the United States with Digital Desire, and we are proud to announce that we get to hold the torch on this glorious day.

We don't know much about her but today we find out what most of the world has probably been asking, "Where the hell has she been all my life?"

Here she is...

The beautiful Karmen!

  Height: 171cm/5’7’’

  Waist: 60cm/23.5’’

  Bust: 86cm/34’’

  Bra: 65D/30E

  Hips: 86cm/34’’

  Dress:34/ UK 6, US 4

  Shoe: 37/UK 4, US 5

More photos to come next week!!


Member Comments (13)

dancan38 said 7 months ago
@tonyg4, are you also a member of the crew ?
cfdietcoke said 7 months ago
Thumbsup Very, very lovely! I hope we see a full portfolio on her in the future
sonofzog said 7 months ago
Thumbsup Her expression is bog standard for modeling jobs. For the most part they're not looking for animation or smiles. Interesting proportions; I don't believe I've ever seen a 30E before. Gorgeous woman.
tonyg4 (Admin) said 7 months ago
@ narrowgauge - Believe it or not she was all smiles and jokes on set yesterday. Was an extremely pleasant model to work with. Can't wait for the sets to come out.
lostnoiz said 7 months ago
Definitely looking forward to this one! I followed good2 see's advice and was not disappointed.. I can hardly wait for the Digital Desire touch on this one.
narrowgauge said 7 months ago
Beautiful woman with such a blank expression. Hopefully you guys can get her to lighten up and maybe crack a smile.
good2see said 7 months ago
Thumbsup If you want a sneak preview go to freeones.ca and punch in Zoi, or Jasmine Andreas.
charles65 (Admin) said 7 months ago
Hey bowsersheepdog, She's been to the highlands a few times... she lives 5 hours south :) And she's a very pleasant girl... very talkative and that Scottish accent.... Oh my :)
bowsersheepdog said 7 months ago
Thumbsup she goes well with lace, but jeeeezzzzuuuzzzzzz she goes better without it! obviously if she ever visits scotland she doesn't come up to the highlands, 'cos i'm absolutely certain i'd have noticed.
rhyull said 7 months ago
If you let her escape without a video you will all be turned into small green frogs and dropped into the middle of a French restaurant !!!!!!!!!!!
dancan38 said 7 months ago
so cold !!!
moonwolf said 7 months ago
Thumbsup So looking forward to the pictures.... She is a knock-out and LOVE the dark hair!
doggone2 said 7 months ago