Dry land is not just our destination, it is our destiny!

Posted on Jun 18, 2010

But for today---It is ALL about the Water...

Oh! Ms. Bailey-such a sleek body surrounded by all the ripples and reflections around her mesmerize me, not to mention the frozen waterfall behind her. Amazing in all aspects...

ah! H2O...the elixir of life, 60-70% of the Earth's surface and the human body, and a fantastic setting for photography of all kinds.

Zach's picture from a word earlier this week and working with a variant of Jazmine's final image of this word for a different project inspired my ramblings this day. When I saw the picture in Z's word my first thought was 'Man, look at that water frozen in time' and subsequently I was working with Jazmine's pic and thought the same exact thought. Let's remember that a nude girl was in each of these pictures and I was transfixed by the water.

Our photographers use water as the perfect composition counter-part to our models to great effect. Be it in a shower, a pool or at the beach. I love how great water can represent motion within a still image. Also, it is great for bouncing light and creating layers for an image. It has been a week of water rediscovery.

A few images from this journey featuring-

Mr. Agua and his 9 fair-maiden partners---

Kyla-I love the offset of her brown skin and the blue water.

Victoria-the intimacy of the slight opaque of the bath water.

Shyla-it is great how the single points have become lines.

Sofia-the frozen froth as if wearing a surreal pair of snow boots.

Zdenka-statuesque in her beauty, what I was drawn to was the coloring of the water from the reflection of the architecture...sure todd

Veronica-the droplet clinging to the side of her breast...oh, to be a droplet of water...

Taylor-the spray behind her is so artistic...providing wonderful depth!

Sandra-Do you think she is contemplating the vastness of the ocean, quantum mechanics, or that her toes are cold?

Jazmine-layers and droplets and frozen in time cascades and reflected sun-light...art!



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