Entering August

Posted on Aug 02, 2018

Hey guys!

Summer's flown by and while the heat blazes on, so do our models. If you're unaware, this month's schedule is up and we have some really awesome sets laid out, starting with this Saturday's Terry set by JSH which is super weird but really another example of how amazing JSH is at shooting interesting and memorable sets.

After that, Mark's incredible new Emily Willis and Alex De La Flor make their debut on Digital Desire for the first time. Really great stuff guys, we hope you enjoy it.

This month, I wanted to feature August Ames. She doesn't have a whole lot of content, but that makes each photo of hers all the more delectable. Check her out:

Thanks for stopping by. I believe in my last post I mentioned a site update coming this summer, this will include some improvements to lists, searching, and the overall style of the site. If you have any suggestions we'd love to hear it in the comments, if there's any pressing issues you'd like addressed it would definitely help us to be aware of them. See you soon.


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coniow 10 months ago
August Ames hanged herself in early December 2017 in a local park, possibly tipped over the edge by the reaction to her refusing to work with a male porn star who had also done gay porn scenes with other men. This followed the 'TwitterStorm' calling her homophobic, added to the stress of revealing a childhood with a lot of molestation just 3 months before (13th Sept with Holly Randall). She was 23 years old. I hope she finds the peace in death that she did not in life. It is a sad reflection on our present society that social media has caused so many young people to take their lives :-(.
coniow 10 months ago
Just a heads up about Emily Willis who is due to be posted tomorrow, (and quite toothsome she looks too!): The video purporting to be Emily has a thumbnail of Ember Snow (with Ember's name attached). I am guessing that Thumbnails got mixed up?
ryderhicks (Admin) 10 months ago
Hey stella. We'll see if we can recover those photos, and if not, remove the sets.
stella2729 10 months ago
I have a suggestion. Fix the picture links for a number of the Talent Search models. It shows Jasmine Foxx has some Talent Search pictures, but you can't see them, just the red circle. Can you either remove those links or fix them?
droolmasterb 10 months ago
Not exactly a star studded line up for August. If you throttle back on quantity then you owe us more quality. Appears you have pulled back on both.
mongo85 10 months ago
If they haven't got sets they haven't released yet, then all you can hope for is enhancing of existing sets. she committed suicide as a result of being bipolar and being cyber bullied over her objection to working with male porn stars who also performed in gay films.
dgmiller4 10 months ago
I completely agree that there needs to be more content of August... Please???

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