Fire and Ice

Posted on Nov 17, 2017

Digital Desire could use more "fire". That is, we only have 6 pages of redheads. Why is it so rare? It should be way more common! It's awesome! This world doesn't have enough redheads!

Today let's honor these girls:



Victoria Rae Black

Another strange thing I'd like to honor today is ice. Yes, actual frozen water. Why? Because it's beautiful; maybe not as beautiful as Victoria here, but it still deserves a shoutout. Here are some pictures I've taken now that the seasons are changing.

Hope you're enjoying the hot hot ladies we've been posting up lately. Plenty more in store... stay warm.


2 Member Comments

ryderhicks (Admin) over 1 year ago
Great additions coniow! I too hope to see them all again soon.
coniow over 1 year ago
Ashley Scott (aka Ashlyn Malone), Ember Stone, Ashlyn Rae, Alana (aka Jayme), Langford all come to mind. Adel Miller is also redish at times :-). (As for her 'Collar matching Cuffs, I know not LOL.) It would be good to see more of any/all of them! Also Vicca should perhaps not be forgotten. . . . .

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