Fun, fun, fun!

Posted on Oct 05, 2017

Cindy Hope

My kids have a big problem...They think their only purpose in life is to have fun! Where have I gone wrong? After some serious self-reflection, I realized that I have created these fun-addicted kids. They leave the car, I smile, wave and shout, "Have fun!" When they return home from anywhere, my first question is always, "Did you have fun?" And if they did not, I am suddenly filled with concern about what the hell might be wrong and how I can fix their un-fun problem!!! WTF?

I know we live in a culture full of cheap thrills and expensive entertainment that we all feel we must be part of, but what the heck? Oh, you don't get to go to Disneyland? You poor kids! You don't have the new iPhone yet? So sad! Can't go to the beach because it's raining? What will you do?

I have decided I am going to change my quality of life right now...I am going to live every moment like a child expecting it to be nothing but fun! I will no longer worry about whether or not they are having fun because I will be too busy having my own fun! I will make every experience fun! I will reap more than fun from my existence! I will be completely fulfilled with fun...Fun, fun, fun!

Lexi Swallow

Ariana Armani

Diana Doll

Summer Lynn

Angelina Ash

Megan Jones

Nikki Jayne

Monica Sweetheart

Faye Valentine

Blake Rose

Lacie Heart

Join me, together we can change the world...


3 Member Comments

drknight1 over 1 year ago
I have done it and it is all a pleasure and a great deal of fun as far as it being work. I have never had a better time in my life than working photographing the ladies.
coniow over 1 year ago
Many moons ago I trained as a theatre technician. Now, on the rare occasion that I go to a show, I look at the lighting rig, the follow-spots, the scenery . . . . The actors just get in the way of the interesting bits. (Actresses may catch the eye now and then :-). An old neighbour used to work in TV Vision Control. Any show he saw, he was looking for colour balance and boom-mike shadow. I am guessing that where we see a beautiful girl, and all her attributes, these guys see a subject that has to be dressed, (and un-dressed :-), made-up, lit, posed: (What is her 'good side,' where are the tats that we don't want to spend an age air-brushing out?), has she got a 'tummy roll' Etc. On a good day, she is a fun girl, the shoot is a blast, and everybody finishes on time. Next week is another girl (or two), another location, and . . . . Who was that girl we shot last week. . . . . ? I am happy with the fantasy, content to let others have the 'apparently' fantastic reality.
rickmar1 over 1 year ago
I don't want to hear about you not having any fun. You have the best damned job in the universe. What's a bad day for you? Suzy so-and-so wouldn't take her panties off and play with herself for you? LOL. I know that I would love to have a job taking pictures of naked women all day (see above). It's a tough job but I guess somebody has to do it.

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