Posted on Apr 20, 2018

Victoria Valmer

God bless the beautiful people...

I was about to get on an elevator the other day when a subtle hint of sweet perfume hit my nose. I turned to look and saw a vision of pure heaven. She was not the most insanely beautiful woman I have ever seen (like the models here), but she had that simple sexiness that shines brightly in all her unaware modesty. I had to take a moment and appreciate all she had to offer. I tip my hat to all the lovely ladies in our everyday lives that are hiding in plain sight...in elevators, riding bikes, on subways...Hallelujah!

Janelle Priego

Lisa Neils

Valerie Rios

Raina Lee

Gina B

Lindsey Lee

Sabrina Maree

Sammie Rhodes

Jasmine Delatori

Happy hunting,


4 Member Comments

norm5215 about 1 year ago
i have a request , i will like to know from wich country the girls are from , thank's for your attention .
rickmar1 about 1 year ago
Shred, I'd like to know what you guys consider a bad day at work. Your worst day has to be better than my best day---by a long shot.
mauddibb about 1 year ago
Another beautiful, varied, memory-provoking selection, Shred. Interesting choice of Sammie Rhodes. She seems to have that "simple sexiness", even if she is trying too hard to project it (usually a turn-off) and isn't really my type at all.
coniow about 1 year ago
Shred, you will have to start a photo gallery of the models as they ARRIVE for a shoot. Then play 'Guess the model,' as so many look like 'normal' girls before the 'War Paint' goes on!

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