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Posted on Apr 28, 2010

As we've been publishing this site for more than a decade I've been the man deciding what content is used each month and I can honestly tell you it's no easy job.

(Carli set still in the archive)

As we're always in production we make a continuing effort to get our newest girls up as soon as we can. Of course, that's a great thing as everyone wants to see the newest hot models doing their thing—the problem is some very good photo and video shoots get left behind.

As you can imagine we have a huge library of content. Just to give you an idea, our film library (which of course consists of only our exclusive material) is so big we rent a separate 1000 sq. ft office just to house it. We know for a fact there are still many hidden gems on film that we still haven't had scanned and presented on Digital Desire (but that's a another story).

And that's not all—our digital library is vast and growing. Each month I try and balance out new girls, our best film sets that are scanned and waiting to be recolor corrected and published, and finally our archived digital sets. Which brings me to the point of this Daily Word's request; Please help me choose some sets from our digital archive.

The following 10 photo shoots are a handful of selections I made this morning in hopes that you might shoot me an e-mail and tell me which one(s) you'd like to see. It's simple—I need help and, more than anything I want to know what you want.

Numbered 1-10 (in no particular order) are samples of sets just waiting to be busted out of storage.

Tell me what you like.

  1. Alexis

  2. Ana

  3. Betcee

  4. Crystal

  5. Dakota

  6. Diana

  7. Julia

  8. Melissa

  9. Veronica

  10. Victoria

I'd love to hear from ya and see what you like—I often lose my objectivity. .

Have a great weekend

J. Stephen


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