Here Comes 2018

Posted on Dec 31, 2017

2017 was great but 2018 is going to be even better! Our New Year's Resolution here at Digital Desire is to have even better girls, with even better photography! Let your desires run wild!

Next month's schedule is now available. We've got some well-loved girls coming back next month. You'll definitely remember these ones ;)

Gia Paige

Lena Paul

Kimberly Fox

Lena Anderson

Thank you for all your continued support; you help us bring these desires to life. Have a wonderful New Year and here's to the future!


6 Member Comments

rickmar1 over 1 year ago
Looks like Blake made it, but a little late. It also looks like we are back to a month of Jan 1 in the daily photos where the names don't match the models. Who knew that Shay Laren morphed into Isabella in today's Jan 1? Did the staff pop the cork a little early yesterday? LOL. However, it is all good with the above lovelies on tap for this month. Happy New Year
moquojba over 1 year ago
Yes, what happened to the Blake Baretelli set? The world wonders!
stella2729 over 1 year ago
Happy New Years everybody! Just a few questions to the Powers that Be. Will the Talent Search section be updated with new talent? I remember reading in a blog entry a few months back that it would be starting back up. Also, speaking of the Talent Search section, there is a page of Talent Search models where the names are listed but you cannot access the pictures. It is like the links are broken. It is page 16 of the Talent Search section. Also will we continue getting Flashback photo sets every week like we have been? That is one of the reasons I joined. I know that some of the older members have seen these sets, but us newer members have not. Sorry so wordy.
elthsworth over 1 year ago
It was posted then pulled. I don't understand why this continues to happen. You would think they would have this down by now.
coniow over 1 year ago
What Dudeski said :-(
dudeski over 1 year ago
What happened to Blake Bartelli?, I recall her set being today. A good set to end the year that I do not see, it was advertised in upcoming. Not pleased by the deception, thanks for the misery.

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