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Posted on Apr 26, 2010

Over the wonderful weekend, I happened to stop into a 7eleven to buy a yummy yum Slurpee. I stood in line looking over the counter at the New Hustler Magazine and other adult magazines. As I got closer it was Briana Blair, a shoot I totally remember. It was about three months ago that we shot the cover/layout for Hustler June, which is already on the shelf. Hustler seems to have a quick turn around on there publishing.

We loved shooting Briana Blair and that day was a blast; she had a wild/crazy personality which made the day fly by. Briana has broke away from her cheering days and has become a porn star. This girl is making a name for herself in this crazy porno world. But if you asked her if she loved her job she would say yes. Which some girls that get into this business don't know what they are getting themselves into. But Briana 100% loves what she does.

Here's some BTS photos of the Hustler cover June shoot.

Marks got it down as to what they like.

Mark and the crew work on getting the perfect Hustler cover.

Mark shows Briana what he thinks will make the cover and sure enough it was that pose, he is showing her right there.

Some girls hate when the make-up artist comes in and pulls and moves their head like a doll, and than says "NO MOVEie" as Mark would say.

Briana never once complained about holding a pose. That's a true model.

She worked it for the lens all day for Mark.

Briana loved to tease for the camera.

Real or Fake, can you tell from here.

Now you can say to your buddy next to you when your in line and you see the June Hustler magazine. I was here that day for that shot. I got the inside :) Make sure to check it out if you haven't seen Briana Blair in the June Hustler.

I hope you'll have a Rad last week of April.

Yup that's right Aprils gone and here come May with SUMMER right around the corner. woohoo.

High Five

johnnyboy out

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