Last Frontier

Posted on Sep 02, 2017

I suppose I could be a bit more responsible when it comes to figuring out how to use a real digital camera. Getting inspiration from Charles' recent sets has been helpful, but it's way easier to lug around my phone than it is an expensive camera bag. Regardless, this land will be here forever; well, at least until it is taken over by housing/turned into an oil pipeline/destroyed in a huge mushroom cloud, or whatever other threats our modern society poses. Hmm, I guess more the reason to go out sooner rather than later.

Alaska's pretty cool. Physically cool that is. Today is a slightly chilly 50°F to the California office's 105°F. In less than a month there will be snow, something nonexistent in the LA area. I'm sure it will make for some good images. The landscapes are a magnificent base, though. Summer was a surreal dreamland and winter will give it a new coat of paint.

Excuse the phone camera quality. Drawing inspiration from Stephen Hicks' amazing nature photography, I hope to bring back that style of art to the site, along with some of Mark's awesome shots, with a modern touch. We'll see how it goes...

If you missed my last post on Alaska, I had some snowier photos to share.

Have a good one!


5 Member Comments

mrshred (Admin) over 1 year ago
Dude...these are incredible! Good stuff!
hotdawg1010 over 1 year ago
Love the photos!
pulchra over 1 year ago
Gorgeous scenery, and no apology needed for the phone. Nos. 2, 3, and 6 were the best.
drknight1 over 1 year ago
Some very impressive pics
jp3000 over 1 year ago
Those are Great photos. You're Dad would be proud!

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