Life is a book

Posted on Jun 03, 2010

Everyday I wake up feeling like it's a new page. So why not start it off with a smile everyday. Some pages are easier than others of course, as I'm sure you all know that. Johnny, which is me, has turned a page and started a new chapter of my life book this past weekend. It all started a few weeks ago when I flew out to Kentucky for a family Reunion. Here I'm traveling to a new place to meet people in my family whom I've never meet before, crazy I know. It was the best reunion ever, so awesome I was able to meet more of my blood relatives. One of them named Sam is a great man and also my lost cousin I didn't even know about. Sam and I hit it off quite well and talked shit all night. The one question that changed it all for Johnnyboy was I asked Sam what he did for a living. Sam said I work for a few TV production companies, which was no big deal but I still said that's awesome you should hook me up with a job jokingly . Sam said next time something comes up ill keep you in mind, in the back of my mind I'm like sure your going to think of me. Next he asked me what I did for work so I told him and his mouth hit the floor with a hundred question. I just remember Sam saying I wish I could have your job, and in the back of my head said to myself I wish I could have his job. Not that I don't LOVE photography and the HICKS FAMILY its just been a dream of mine “ I mean a dream ” to get on a TV gig.

Weeks gone by working away on my clothing line Ugly Kid Clothing and for the MAN Stephen Hicks. These two things aside family are the two most important things in my life. This past Friday morning was a very tough day for me, I wasn't able to turn the page and wake with a smile. It wasn't the moment until I saw the sun beating outside and was able to turn on my phone. This is where it all started. Had about 5 voice mail from 5 five peeps just wanting to make sure I was OK. The last voice mail was my cousin Sam, saying Dude call me right away I got you a gig up in Alaska for three months call me back. So first thing I did was shoot Sam a call and he said this is your opportunity to make your dream come true. WOW Alaska one of my dreams coming true, let me think about this. Sam told me I had a few days before someone else would get the gig. Here I'm tripping out, Sunday night comes and I pull the tiger call Sam up and tell him I'm in. Still shocked and can't stop thinking about my Hicks Ranch family I had to email Stephen to let him know I need to talk in the morning. I love the team Stephen has made, it's seriously a family here at the Ranch, and it so hard to have to leave it. But like I said life is like a book and if you can't turn a page or get to the end your missing out on your dreams.

So this is not my last daily word.

It's not my goodbye it's my new Chapter in my book.

Here are my memories of the HICKS RANCH...

As i would say "save the snails."

Sure going to miss all the butts that comes to the Ranch.

Sure going to miss JP and his positive attitude. Thumbs up to you my friend. Alexis Ford and her sexy body.

Charles funny ass quotes so no one takes his cups.

My favorite scenes at the Ranch were the shower set getting the girls wet. Baliey Rose oh man.

Or even the bath tub.. so SEXY Jana and Reana

Andrew hurting knee from BBall. But let me tell you he can shoot some wild shots, beats me at OX every time.

Our Ranch little secrets booby taping. to make the perfect shot.. shhh

Todd Man would never let me get a pic of him.. I'll get it one day.

Mark and I work as a great team, and will work again I know it. High Five buddy.

The birthday party's we had for the crew. Zach cake was yumyum.

Boss man himself. Stephen Hicks... I'm so happy I got to work for him he has showed me so much about EVERYTHING. Thanks Buddy


TOO TOO MANY MEMORIES TO LIST ALL. But they are all in my life book.

I Hope to see all ya in three months to tell ya about my journey in Alaska :)

Johnnyboy OUT


I'll miss ya'll

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