Loco for Coco

Posted on Feb 03, 2018

This week I wanted to highlight a model who is absolutely gorgeous in every way, and has produced some of the best sets on this site. Coco Rose appeared in 2014 and was a beloved addition to DD. If you haven't licked up every last bit of her content, I recommend you find yourself some time to do so.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend,


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raiders7761 over 1 year ago
Coco Rose is an absolutely beautiful woman! More videos please!
rickmar1 over 1 year ago
Coco is one of my favorites as well (not exactly an exclusive club). She had about a 1 year run with DD and nothing since. Is she still in the business and, if so, why not get her back?
warehouseman over 1 year ago
Coco Rose and shoot 11660 wow , strip tease from this beauty. (absolutely gorgeous in every way) So very true One of mine DD favorite.
droolmasterb over 1 year ago
Cuckoo for Coco puffs!
coniow over 1 year ago
Coco floated my boat from the start, and still does. From time to time I revisit her videos, and they have still not grown 'old' (so to speak). Any chance of getting her back?
uptonogood over 1 year ago
I remember being on a Coco Rose kick for a while. She's delicious.

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