Monochrome is Magic

Posted on May 07, 2010

When I initially became inspired about photography and specific photographers some of the first images that stood out for me were in black and white.

While studying at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara we took black and white classes that emphasized the entire art of Black and White photography—very elaborate exposure and processing techniques to help us emulate the greats-- like Ansel Adams.

It was natural that I would love the work of Ansel Adams as he often captured the finest moments and locales of nature with his highly tuned monochromatic, artistic eye. Being a nature lover I was immediately smitten with his images like this one he captured in Yosemite, California.

Further study of the various Black and White fine art photography icons always led me to viewing nudes captured in the two-toned realm. As long as I've been shooting naked women I've always found the time to make black and white photos of the girls.

Combining the textured surfaces of nature with a lovely female form is down right irresistible. This shot below was inspired during our lunch break when I noticed the magical contrast of the palm tree behind Ashely Brookes amazing figure.

While doing a color set of Ariel in the Topanga mountains I insisted on inserting some black and white film and contrasting the bold, hard rocks with Ariela soft and shapely form.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of shooting an amazing new beauty, Dani Kalifornia. Her German/Hispanic heritage gives her an exotic look well worth framing.

As Mark was shooting most of the day in color I couldn't help but steal some frames of Dani in monochrome just before lunch.

With our brief interlude I was not only inspired by her unique beauty but I also couldn't help but notice her close similarity to the current buxom TV icon Sofia Vergara—the sexy mom on the great comedy Modern Family.

Naturally we won't be seeing Sofia sans clothing anytime soon but meanwhile feast your eyes on Dani and stay tuned as we'll have much more of her to come--in black and white and color—each of which presenting a luscious treat that's divine out of it's wrapper.

Enjoy your weekend



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