My first time

Posted on May 16, 2018

Lily Ivy

I was 14 when I had my first encounter with pornography. The experience is gloriously entwined in my brain. It was a Penthouse...found it under my stepdad's side of the bed. The cover model was Diane Weber. That shot would forever be etched in my soul (see below). I rushed to that skin mag every chance I got.

I grew up in a family not given to sugarcoating the realities of the human condition so I thought I'd known what to expect. Boy was I wrong! I had no idea...what was to come!

Skye West

Ashley Lane

Cassidy Banks

Elizabeth Marxs

Tomi Taylor

Marley Brinx

Uma Jolie

When was your first?


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dgmiller4 about 1 year ago
Uma, Marley and Tomi... None better!!! Wish they lived down the street where I grew up...
uptonogood about 1 year ago
Oh, and once I tried to stop looking at porn as an adult. After a few weeks, I check my mailbox. I find a post card of a naked woman. Geez. Porn just follows me around!
uptonogood about 1 year ago
At nine years old, a neighboring kid asked me over to play while his parents weren't home. He pulls a magazine from under his dad's mattress. The first set I saw involved two well endowed women on a beach. In one photo, they each rested her plump breasts on a juicy watermelon half. The contrast of their milky skin against the red flesh of the fruit captivated me. I couldn't stop staring at their areolae and nipples. After that, I was hooked. Seems like after that, I couldn't avoid porn if I tried. We'd play around the apartment complex where I lived and find porn everywhere. In the dumpster. Behind a tree. After moving to another state, my family moved in with a sick relative. Guess what I found in the attic? Hundreds of magazines and videos. I didn't have a chance! On a side note-- all the pics in this post are excellent. Somehow, each of them remind me of that first time. @mauddibb-- while I'm not divorced, I've seen it up close. Yes, you did it the cheaper way!
mauddibb about 1 year ago
The other "contestants" for your optimistic fantasy are plausible, Shred. But if you're suggesting that your virginity was lost to someone like Marley Brinx . . . I want what you're smoking! (I was 18 -- and engaged, though it didn't last; we broke up before getting married, which is the cheaper way to do it ;-) Having been brought up in a very repressive religious environment, my first exposure to pornography (also at 14) was a much more traumatic experience--more like the guilty fascination that compels us to stare at a gory car wreck....

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