Natural Legacy

Posted on Sep 16, 2016

Hey everyone, it's one of those posts with no beautiful women but still jam-packed full of beauty. Here are some photos from around the world by the best of the best, JSH. Hope you like them :)


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ex276e8n2 over 2 years ago
Well over a year ago it was announced that there would be new nature pictures put up on the desktops part of the site. Still waiting for the new shots by the current crop of DDG photographers.
mauddibb over 2 years ago
What I especially appreciated about Stephen's nature photos is what they revealed about his character, his love of life, his curiosity about other cultures (his photos reveal him to be impressively well-traveled), and his appreciation of beauty in all its forms, which informed the way he photographed women and gave DD it's distinctive style as something more than just another erotic/soft porn site. BTW, this "Nature" photos are all still available under Desktops, filter: Nature, or Top Features, filter: Desktops, Nature.
wdac0591 over 2 years ago
JSH an exceptional talent; his work stands out among all photographers, what ever they shoot.

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