Natural Obsession

Posted on May 21, 2010

My camera is an entitlement to selectively find, enjoy and capture the many, many wonders of nature.

Little did I know some 35 years ago when I purchased my first SLR camera that my entire life would become a continuing journey to record beauty through my viewfinder. The camera salesman back on that warm August morning in Denver should have taken my money and told me, “Let the games begin”.

Going on my fourth decade of absolute heroin like obsession with photography, I honestly can't say my passion is even remotely diluted and I'm quite certain of the reason why—there's just so much amazing stuff around me to caress with my viewfinder.

It all started with the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Here's a shot from my very first trip with my very first camera. I can honestly say the day I picked up my first processed slides from the local Safeway I was hooked for life.

This was the first nature shot I took with a tripod;

The skies were great in Colorado and I discovered the wonders of a polarizing filter.

Just like some puffy clouds, or a stunning waterfall, an attractive female was equally therapeutic to my eyes. Once I was able to turn my passion into a career, the melding of nature, pretty women and camera play was in full gear. Here's a really early shot of this girl Naomi that I shot on the beach in Santa Monica—I never sold these pictures—the magazines said they were too 'artsy'.

Of course the beach became a favorite spot for me to shoot our most special models—like this shot of Veronica on the sand in Baja, Mexico.

Here's one of my favorites of Natalie walking in the ocean waters near Oxnard.

Our local beaches aren't shabby either. Even though we've got to be very discreet and careful it's worth taking girls like Charmane out to the local playa for some images

Or sometimes we head up to the mountains, like the local ones here near Malibu where Kyla helped make an already sublime landscape more stunning

Or we venture to the Desert (near Joshua Tree)--where this image of Taylor was taken.

Sometimes it's just a touch of water that makes it better. Jazmine refreshes in a pool's waterfall near Santa Barbara.

And we're lucky to have a good chunk of nature happening right here at the Ranch. Thea struts it in our backyard (or is it Hawaii).

In this image at our Ranch Victoria and the palm tree made my eyes go, 'Ahhhhh'

Faye leans on a tree out on the slope overlooking the mountains

Nature has always provided many beautiful close-ups for my cameras

There's no prettier site than the intricate colors in close of a spring flower

Or dew drops on a spider web

Except maybe Shay's amazing plump breasts

Or Bailey's most intimate spot up close

Or Dominique's eyes captured in the strip of window light

Ultimately, I'm one lucky bastard. Not specifically because of the girls. Just because of my intrinsic love of natural beauty and my fate of discovering photography at an early age and having this great ride using my camera to shoot all these things I love to see.

I hope you all have a nice weekend and find the beauty around you. Sometimes you just have to see it and 'breathe it in', that's all.


J Stephen


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