Nature's Finest

Posted on Apr 25, 2018

I love visiting Stephen's nature shots every so often. Keeps my insanity in check.



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mauddibb 12 months ago
Stephen may no longer be around, but he set the tone -- as illustrated by these nature shots -- of DD's distinctive focus on natural beauty over coarse/obvious sexuality.
llh316 12 months ago
This guy Stephen was so amazing! Love all of his work!!!! True talent, soulful, good human being!
ex276e8n2 12 months ago
Whatever happened to the promised new nature shots for wallpaper? It has been way too long since a new, or even repeat, nature shot has been posted.
mrshred (Admin) 12 months ago
moquojba...We don't put up all new content in the upcoming schedule. We want to have a few surprises.
moquojba 12 months ago
Only 7 sets for the month of May?
jp3000 12 months ago
very soulful pictures

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