Noelle Easton revisited

Posted on Mar 07, 2017

Going through the DD library, looking for ideas Noelle Easton cover pic caught my eye... I won't lie, it was her boobs that caught me eye... so a little re-visit of her set... hope you enjoy...

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pulchra about 2 years ago
Mauddibb has a great point. The only one I can think of that features the letting loose of cascades of hair is Bailey Rayne's Jan 2015 set. That moment is magic, both in the video as in the photo set. Would love to see more of the models do that.
valarana1000 about 2 years ago
Love this set of Noelle, so much so when it was released I went looking for more of her on the web. Everything I saw was dramatically inferior to what DD crafted here. Her videos and other still sets left me cold. It is nice to revisit this rare and singular capture of her at her very best.
charles65 (Admin) about 2 years ago
Oh, thats sad to hear...
spartandream about 2 years ago
I don't want to be the a-hole here but has anyone seen her lately? She's still a good looking woman but she's much "heavier" than what we see here. So much so some wouldn't even recognize her.
rickmar1 about 2 years ago
OK, so when can we get a real re-visit?
mauddibb about 2 years ago
Noelle Easton's definitely worth a second... and third... look! I like the hair-up look once in a while. In fact I'd really like to see a video (and photo shoot) that STARTS with the models hair up and watch her take it down. That can be as sexy as watching her take off her bra, etc.
ricky62 about 2 years ago
Really, it's only the boobs that caught your eye? What about the absolutely perfect ass? Gorgeous girl all the way around!

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