Queens of the Itty Bitty Titty Club

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

After seeing the blog from July 23rd (“Holy Succulents, Batman!”) I thought it only fair to give equal time to the other end of the spectrum. Digital Desire well-illustrates that sex appeal comes in all shapes and sizes. My personal preference is petite (think Julia Crown, Ivey, Joanna) and breast size: a shapely handful is plenty. But the following candidates reveal how much less is more, and when considering the whole package, size really doesn’t matter.

Anna Morna

Kenna James

Lena Nicole

Presley Dawson

Riley Reid

Ashley Scott

Ana Foxx

Ashlyn Rae


Meggan Malone

Meggan Mallone would be among my top picks, if not for her subsequent lamentable surgery. Other runners-up, only for not being quite small enough (as always, had to limit the selection for one post....) Ember/Amber Stone and . Also left out obvious royalty, such as Georgia Jones and Charlotte Stokely and personal favs Emily Grey and Evelyn Fierce.

Katy Kiss

Uma Jo;ie

Shae Parker

Until next time…. may you remember the richness of small gifts.


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fbwlou 9 months ago
I love natural boobs of all sizes! I love women who are as nature intended them to be. I also love long nipples, which many women in what you are calling the "Itty Bitty Titty Club" have and puffy nipples which many women in the "IBTC" have! I look at every woman, regardless of her breast size, in terms of the whole package of sexiness! The women selected for this list are excellent choices!
mauddibb 9 months ago
Coniow, I've somehow missed Deja Chan, despite several pretty thorough searches through the DD archives over the years. So, thanks. I plan to do a blog on Asian models soon, so your timing is good. There's also a couple of shots in one of her sets involving some pretty strange props, which will be perfect for my next "This Begs for a Caption" blog. Watch this space. :-)
mauddibb 9 months ago
Natalie Heart has always been one of my favorite DD models, her cute/erotic/distinct puffy nipples certainly among the reasons. As for bullet nipples, check out Lia 19, a definite candidate for the semi-finals in that contest....
rickmar1 9 months ago
In my book there are no wrong sized breasts. While my personal preference runs somewhere in between small and huge (think along the lines of Kyla Cole, Melena Morgan, Vynessa Orchid, etc.), I can appreciate the natural beauty in whatever any woman has to offer and am thankful that they are willing to share it. And, the thumbs up is for the incredible beauties featured in this blog.
uptonogood 9 months ago
I never cared for "itty bitty titties" until after spending some time on this site. Now, I love them as much as I love full sized breasts. I've developed a taste for the overall package-- the sensuality and sex appeal of a woman rather than looking at her body alone . And yes . . . an erect nipple contest sounds in order!
coniow 9 months ago
Now maybe we need a post on the most "Erect" nipples? Any advance on the legendary nips of Charmane Star? Marica Hase, perhaps? Entries on a postcard to Shred. . . . . LOL.
moquojba 9 months ago
Indeed it is the overall package that counts, but a prominent nipple that she likes to have pinched is fantastic...
coniow 9 months ago
Last night I happened to be setting up one of Natalie Heart's sets into a slide run. And I was reminded again how very sexy she (and those amazing PUFFY Nipples) are ! Another girl to be aware of would be Deja Chan, especially her last set posted in 2013 (No. 2512), where she does things to her nipples that look exquisite. As in Exquisitely PAINFUL! Alexa Grace (2nd set due shortly), has similar "Assets" that I, for one, would love to see more of, and Staci Silverstone has delightful breasts that stand out for being unusually wide set. I thank you for redressing the balance Mouse, a fine selection, that I like you, could EASILY double and more :-). Great things DO come in small packages !
dgmiller4 9 months ago
Small-breasted women tend to become more intensely aroused when their breasts are stimulated, at least in my experience...

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