Raven-ous Beauty

Posted on Feb 19, 2019

Raven, Raven, Raven, you are one special girl indeed. And not just because of your magnificent bush! You see, I have a unique connection to her. We both share the love of music. In particular, one sinister Ovation guitar from my personal collection. This legendary guitar has been in my possession since 1990, and has parked his ass at the Ranch since 2010. His name is "Chucky". You can only imagine the sights and sounds Chucky has seen over the years. Can you spot why his name is Chucky?


Here is a shot of me playing Chucky in 1994.

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jeshshw 6 months ago
She is a performer that grew slowly on me. At first I found her off-putting, not the least b/c she got cast as the "obnoxious dyke" in some of her early scenes. Over time, she was able to show a more feminine side, got a more flattering hairdo, and her charms came into focus: the voice could be sexy, her face is beautiful, her body is lushly feminine. Seeing videos of her playing guitar sealed the deal.
coniow 6 months ago
FYI guys, the latest video has again failed to mount, it seems.
vizual 6 months ago
My theory: the "blind" dog did not like to be left out of all of the fun and games and purposely and maliciously attacked the guitar, causing the Chucky repair. It's also possible the dog, though blind, was not deaf ... and really disliked the music.
mrshred (Admin) 6 months ago
**Here's the scoop... Note the Chucky sticker just behind the bridge of the guitar (where the right hand rests). Our retouch guy missed a few images and so there he is. **Chucky's birth: I brought the guitar to a girls house I had just met. Her old dog was partially blind. I serenaded her into the night as we wined, dined, and sixty-nined! We fell asleep in each other's arms. The guitar was leaning against a chair. In the middle of the night the blind dog attacked the guitar. It must have thought it was an intruder as it was probably spooked by the guitar's fuzzy presence in his familiar surroundings. It fell against a table corner and poked a hole in the body. The guitar now had a weird honky sound to it. I cut Chucky's head from a Child's Play sticker and slapped it over the hole. It fixed the sound issue and Chucky was "born"! Had to write a song about it..."Blind Dog Serenade" Sorrow's heartfelt serenade, howling at the moon, lost his mind in the blink of an eye, midnight rain came 'round too soon."
carguy2 6 months ago
Looks more like chucky the doll. Raven was quite the doll herself !
captblei2 6 months ago
I feel like the answer to this riddle is child's play! And yes, more Raven please!
jp3000 6 months ago
Did Chucky survive the fires?
rickmar1 6 months ago
I can't tell for sure but, could that be Chuck Berry photo shopped onto a couple frames on the guitar? Either way, it sure looks a lot better with Raven in the pictures. She has always been a personal favorite and I would surely love to see her back.

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