revisiting Morocco

Posted on Mar 21, 2017

Felt nostalgic today and as I was skimming our site... found Morocco... This was probably before my time ??? I don't remember this shoot... Maybe someone here can tell me when this was shot...

pre 1994 or after ? Anyways... this has the old Penthouse feel I remember when I was in my teens dumpster diving for old porn magazines :) Ah the good old days before Internet ..lol

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retrumper about 2 years ago
It's a 1961 Chrysler New Yorker. The headlights are stock, not implants.
coniow about 2 years ago
Now I would LOVE to know what that car is?
drknight1 about 2 years ago
If her implants were any bigger her boobs would split
jjeastman about 2 years ago
Quite honestly, she is one of the driving factors for my joining this site.
valarana1000 about 2 years ago
I have always thought this the quintessential Hicks portfolio. Its an easy set to forget as Morocco has such a limited portfolio here, or anywhere else for that matter. Take the top 5 fave pics from this set and compare to your sexiest photos found anywhere on this site. Morocco's will occupy 3 of the top five spots. Perfect EVERYTHING. Period.

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