Rockin' Adventures of Raven Rockette

Posted on Sep 07, 2018

Raven's a girl who's flown mostly under my radar until recent times. What first really caught my eye (or ear really) was her voice. There's something about it, it's super lovable. But the girl's got talent and her sets shine with uniqueness.

Do check out her videos; you can click here to go straight to her model page. Her shower video is amazing, yeah. But she's in this video you get to hear her play guitar and sing, and what an absolute legend she is. And then she performs a spectacular grand finale. All I can say is, she picked a perfect name for herself. There's also a great and funny behind the scenes video with some more singing!

Have a rockin' weekend everyone!


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rickmar1 8 months ago
Raven has always been an A lister in my book. If she is still in the business, it would be good to see her again
coniow 8 months ago
There is a "Model Interview" with Ashlyn Molloy (Look for ASHLEY SCOTT: she used that name [her own ?], then changed to Ashlyn for subsequent sets, DD has gone back to her first name in the directory which does not match the 'header' pics). This also featured SAMANTHA RONE who sang a verse or two. Sam starts at 7 minutes in, and HER voice is amazing. Ashley's singing is completely overshadowed. Have a listen. REEL LIFE posted june 19th 2013.
uptonogood 9 months ago
I remember that video. I really like Raven.

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