Savor the flavor...

Posted on Jan 15, 2017

In the spirit of favorite flavors...here are some of my all timers:

Ashlyn Rae

Bailey Rose

Celeste Star

Chantelle Fontain

Abigaile Johnson

Gotta love 'em!


5 Member Comments

ppetep over 2 years ago
A basket of delectables!
trinity1945 over 2 years ago
Fine selection, Shred. Another morning spent in the Archives, browsing instead of hurrying on -- brunch instead of breakfast. Nice to see the old 'DigitalDreamGirls.com' logo again (Celeste Starr #1). It has been a while, has it not? Chantelle? Absolutely! But Bailey & Abigaile & Celeste & Ashlyn? Wow.
rickmar1 over 2 years ago
Not a bad choice in any of the above. As far as Chantelle is concerned, she is one of only a small handful of models I will give an automatic 5. She never disappoints me.
jjwestman over 2 years ago
I fully agree with dudeski! About time we had a fresh look at Chantelle Fontain.
dudeski over 2 years ago
Chantelle Fontain = Classy Act

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