Staying Golden

Posted on Jan 06, 2018

Hi everyone, hope your new year has been great so far. It was a warm December but it's finally starting to cool down. This January we have some great sets coming out, but I want to dig back and pick out some of my favorites. We have some nice blondes showing their stuff this month but let's hear it for the blondes of the past today. Some personal favorites:

Phoebe and her cute face

Bailey Rose and her delicious boobs

Charlee Monroe and her wicked body

Make sure to check out all their sets if you're into blondes, because these girls are way gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

7 Member Comments

sauzin about 1 year ago
I hope the team member is doing alright. Work and play are one thing, but when someone's health is on the line we all really need to take a second and reevaluate what is really important. One human to another. Please let the team member know that we care and hope he/she feels better soon.
svennemann about 1 year ago
Why are there so many videos not yet fixed?
mrshred (Admin) about 1 year ago
Hey everyone...We had some technical difficulties as well as a serious illness with one of our key team members. Sorry about the delays. All will return to normal. Thanks for your patience.
dgmiller4 about 1 year ago
Agree with the comment about lack of new sets... If this keeps up, you'll have one less member...
warehouseman about 1 year ago
Phobe will keep you warm all winter. She is one my favorites on DD what a body & face
droolmasterb about 1 year ago
Why are we not getting new photosets but every 3, 4 or 5 days? DD offerings are getting less and less. BS.

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