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Posted on Jul 08, 2018

I wanted to do a quick breakdown of a particular model and a particular set. Adele Stephens first joined DD in April 2006, and has provided us with 5 awesome photo sets. While all of them are very good sets in their own right, two of them stand out to me. They also happen to be the two sets of her shot by J Stephen Hicks. The very first set (April 4, 2006) has some incredibly crafted shots like #15, and then pretty much every image after and including #37.

But the newest, September 4, 2011, is my personal favorite set. It has a very large amount of different shots and poses, but what's fascinating to me it's all divided up into very different angles, lighting, compositions, and colors. Seriously, if you pick out two different photos in this set and showed someone, they would not be able to tell it was from the same set, let alone maybe even the same model!

The set starts off with these beautiful shots of Adele on a rock in a forest, before showing some great, detailed close-ups that transition the set into her sitting down. The set then explores her on the grass, and then hits that #20 that is such a poetic image that breaks off from the rest of the set. I absolutely love this picture and it shows the contrast of the beautiful model and the beautiful nature. After that, we get some really hot wet shots with some out of focus water drops in the back; a real delight of mine. The rest of the set is quite a spectacle of water, nature, and a pretty lady, all blended together in a spectacular fashion.

Each group of shots here tell a different story, and lead linearly to the end. The range of creativity for each group is just mind-blowing, and every individual picture in this set deserves to be it's own piece. I have a lot of respect for the man and seeing sets like this really cements the idea that we've lost an artist, one who loved nature and human beauty and blended the two together in his quest to bring his loves into the view of others.

Thanks for reading, have a great week.


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uptonogood about 1 year ago
On that last pic, I love the blue field that frames the model along with the other bits of nature in that scene. It's as if Hicks use the sky as a canvas and painted the model on it. This was a nice breakdown. It shows that more goes into photography than just snapping a picture. Thanks for reminding us how good photography is an art.
rickmar1 about 1 year ago
As a relatively long time and loyal subscriber to DD this is not meant as a diss to anyone on your staff but, JSH was in a league of his own and is still missed. Ryder, I could not have said it better.
jp3000 about 1 year ago
Well said Ryder

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