Summer in the the Spring

Posted on Mar 15, 2019

In my younger years I was very interested in optical illusions, those graphics that played tricks on your mind, or literally screwed with your vision. Maybe you had noticed in the above image, that there are two "the"s, or maybe you didn't.

I had books filled with optical illusions, and later I would find videos with more advanced ones. Here are some favorites.

These are just the classics, if you found them cool, you can always find more online.

Anyways, thing's are warming up; summer's cumming hereā€”er, I mean here's Summer Cummings.

Heather Summers

Tegan Summers

Kelly Summer

Have a nice weekend.


5 Member Comments

coniow 5 months ago
Thank you for finding the missing Tini Demida. One hell of a video!
coniow 5 months ago
Hey guys, the video of Demida/Tini-1 is still missing? The video that plays is a repeat of Tini-2's last set, IE a different girl to the "Slate image." :-((
wingnut66 5 months ago
The blog hasn't been updated in some time. Is it history???
coniow 5 months ago
FYI guys, the video of Demida / Tini 1 has only loaded the slate image :-( !
coniow 5 months ago
I am guessing that in the 4th puzzle down the question is which is darker: The A or the B? Answer is probably that they are BOTH the same shade? Probably the most interesting puzzle is the picture of the Black/Gold dress. If you see it "On-the-flesh" (so to speak), it is gold, but if you see a photograph, depending on the way the pic is processed electronically, it can look black OR gold. (Now if you could get a girl to model THAT dress, we could all argue over the colour, before she takes it off, (then there will be more interesting things to look at :-) !

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