Swan to Justine

Posted on Nov 01, 2016

You guys voting for Swan / Justine Joli the other day reminded me of a few pics I took a while ago that as far as I know have never been published... just wanted to share... she's an incredibly beautiful girl... hope you like...

“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.”

― Scott Westerfeld, Uglies


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valarana1000 over 2 years ago
Justine did a video named Space 2077 with Ander Page that is legendary. If you can find, excellent legacy stuff.
valarana1000 over 2 years ago
bendavid, if you haven't seen Justine Joli in her g/g videos, her onscreen persona is even better than the stills. very sexy lady indeed.
bendavid over 2 years ago
Bloody gorgeous!
bendavid over 2 years ago
Can you please publish these photographs? This woman is bloody gorgeous.
coniow over 2 years ago
Change the hair, change the look of the make-up, and change the costume and there is completely different girl underneath! Think of the 'girl next door' suddenly turning into a "Goth" :-) LOL.
spartandream over 2 years ago
Her face reminds me a little of a young Jenna Jameson.
charles65 (Admin) over 2 years ago
Her stage name started as Swan and later changed to Justine Joli... I don't believe we ever shot her for this sight as Justine Joli...
ricky62 over 2 years ago
@coniow: I have viewed Swan's page and it's totally awesome. I got confused because the girl in this blog post doesn't look like the same girl? Could've sworn it's two different girls?
coniow over 2 years ago
Ricky62: Try a search under "Swan," her 'professional' name :-). A very nice sultry look there that really works!
valarana1000 over 2 years ago
Thanks for the Justine reprints, Mr. Lightfoot. Miss her contribution to the world of girl/girl, always a crowd fave.
ricky62 over 2 years ago
Yo, can't find Justine in the Search box?

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