The ABCs of May

Posted on May 19, 2010

Aries Stone the extreme

These ABC's are far from the “easy as 1-2-3” that Michael Jackson sang about with the Jackson Five. These ABC's are none other than Aries Stone, Briana Blair, and Chrissy Marie—three starlets who are lighting up the month of May here at DigitalDesire and blooming faster than the spring flowers in your backyard. Boys--you better do your photography homework, master the half-pipe, and know the difference between a shot in the paint and one from behind the arc if you want even the slightest chance with one of these girls.

Aries Stone claims that she can skate better than she can walk and after a day of watching her navigate the Ranch in a pair of five inch heals I would have to say that I still need to see it to believe it. A fan of Chuck Taylors, Aries laughs at this cultural phenomenon of strapping heals to the bottom of the feet to help define the legs and bring more lift to the butt. “My butt points straight out when I wear flip-flops”, Aries proclaims and graciously slipped out of her stilettos to prove her point. Baby's Got Back! Credit her amazing figure to a love of extreme sports that include skateboarding, snowboarding, and ocean swimming.

Briana Blair the baller

Briana Blair on the other hand can pull up a jumper from just about anywhere inside the arc and her crossover dribble isn't that bad either. A former Atlanta Thrasher, the dance team that represents the Atlanta Hawks, Brianna told me she paid close attention to the players during the game, learned a few of their moves, and took these lessons to the court to “school my competition”. She proved it by throwing up a reverse layup over Mark in a little pick up game we had after our shoot. Somehow I think Briana was blessed with a slight advantage over the competition as her pictorial will show.

Chrissy Marie the professional

Chrissy Marie is a professional model. Sure all of the girls we work with can boast that they are professionals because they get paid to shoot and often will only shoot when money is involved. Chrissy on the other hand models everyday because she wants to perfect a talent that has already surpassed most models in the industry. Chrissy doesn't need dollar signs flashed before her to step on a set but if you want your studio flash to fire you better have a creative niche' unlike others or throw onto the bartering table something she can use. “Five days a week in front of the camera is very common for me”, she mentions and I know it is not boasting because we at DigitalDesire would do the same if we could, but we need at least a day or two to process them and share them with you guys.

So to wrap things up where I started with a little Jackson 5 quote:

Sit down, girl!

I think I love you!


Get up, girl!

Show me what you can do!

I hope y'all check out what Aries, Briana, and Chrissy can do in their hot new sets and HD video this month exclusively on Digitaldesire.com.


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