The Aria of Arya and Araya

Posted on Jan 27, 2017

Today I'm featuring the bright, silky blonde hair of Arya Fae against the dark, luxurious look of Araya Acosta's near-black hair. And boy, is the contrast beautiful. These two girls joined the site somewhat recently, and have been a huge hit (for good reasons).

Check out these stunning looks of the gorgeous Arya Fae:

Araya Acosta has a more serious personality, with a hint of playfulness:

Together they form a perfect duo, and who knows? Maybe we will see them together some day in the future. What a sight that would be...

Take care and have a fantastic weekend!


4 Member Comments

pulchra over 2 years ago
I love combinations of light and dark, black hair and golden hair, but in this case Arya Fae's tattoos would ruin everything.
cornbun over 2 years ago
I agree.
rickmar1 over 2 years ago
Make it happen.

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