Time to fall back...

Posted on Nov 05, 2016

Natalie Heart

It's that time again...the Fall Season is upon us. Time to set our clocks back and spend the next few weekends raking all the 'amazingly beautiful leaves' off our fucking lawns and driveways.

We will over indulge ourselves with all the delicious leftover Halloween candy until we finally wise up and bring it to the office (where we will actually keep on eating that crap until it makes us sick!).

But hey, on the bright side, we get to look forward to cold and flu season! Nothing like sharing a wicked nasty virus huh?

And I just love the weather...It's sort of warm but then it's cold, windy, dry but also damp. Kind of like weather PMS...you just never know what to expect. Oh, and nothing like looking around and seeing that everything outside is fucking dying.

So then how do we get to dress? Like a damn onion...in layers. All our beautiful women start covering up... aarrgghh! Your skin starts to turn into a sponge, everything we eat or drink is pumpkin flavored, and everywhere you go, people have disgusting fall-scented candles that smell like what else??? Pumpkin! Like a pumpkin ate another pumpkin and took a shit!

I do love fall themed images of beautiful naked women though...

Carli Banks

Cassandra Cruz

Charlotte Stokely

Logan Drae


Staci Silverstone

Raven Rockette

Ashlyn Rae

Lacey Lynn

Just a little lighthearted Fall humor...


Please enjoy a classic JSH original...simply titled "Fall in Rio."

2 Member Comments

malzee over 2 years ago
Great shot of Natalie Heart...captured a real look of 'attitude'
rickmar1 over 2 years ago
It's always important to have a fallback plan and any of the above beauties would more than fill the bill.

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