Visual Poetry

Posted on May 01, 2018

In a previous blog I talked about how beauty can evoke a stunned, even reverent, silence. Obviously, it can also cause a rush of pleasure. In his appropriately titled book, “Superbeauty” DD founder J. Stephen Hicks says, “It’s hard for me to see something really beautiful and not photograph it. It’s torture for me.” And it is easy to see such a visceral appreciation of beauty in the way he photographed women. Happily, that artful (not “arty”) and elegant approach continues with the Digital Desire photographers who have inherited Stephen’s legacy. Here are some DD photos that have thrilled me with the beauty of their composition and lighting, let alone subject matter, most of them published in the past two years.

Anna Foxxx

Blake Bartelli

Elena Koshka


In the same interview referred to above, Stephen talked about the influences that had shaped his style of photography: “I was always attracted to Japanese art as it tended to be real clean, open and simple. I have never been one for a ton of visual clutter.” As someone who appreciates haiku myself, it’s easy to see what DD does as visual poetry.

Jasmine Caro

Katy Kiss

Katy Kiss

Keisha Grey

Kenna James

Kylie Page

Selena Santana



Until next time…. may you see the soothing, exhilarating art expressing itself all around you.


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mrshred (Admin) about 1 year ago
Indeed rickmar1...Thanks Mauddibb. I so look forward to your blog posts!
rickmar1 about 1 year ago
As someone who worships at the altar of the female anatomy, one of the things that attracts me to DD is the high number of beautiful women who appear on this site and the relatively tasteful way in which they are presented as evidenced by the above.

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