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Posted on Jan 03, 2014

Happy New Year people!!!

I hope everyone had a safe and libation fueled New Year! By midnight, I was two sheets to the wind, blitzed, bombed, and bulletproof. I was ker-plunked and pickle-paralyzed. We were sippin, slammin, and shootin. The bullshit was flyin and the real estate under the table was reserved for the socially confused! Booooyaaa!!!

Anyway, we've all been talking about our faves of the past year so what better way to start 2014 than by casting your vote for Digital Desire's Dreamgirl of the Year for 2013? Let's find out who we think was the ultimate fantasy girl.

Please vote only once...

Please keep it to a Dreamgirl new to the site in 2013...

Here are a few of my favorites that are in the running, but there are many more to choose from:

Anna Morna

Chloe Foster

Dillion Harper

Francesca Lombardi

Kenze Thomas

Lauren Clare

Victoria Lynn

Whitney Westgate

V O T E - N O W !


Member Comments (62)

tigerf • over 3 years ago
I vote Dillion Harper
rhyull • almost 4 years ago
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his abacus for an erotic movie! Just tell me he didn't also donate the stockings!!!
coniow • almost 4 years ago
Rhyull, if you want to know where the pearls from shreds abacus got to just check out Georgia Jones' video of Aug 31st 2012! Bet he would love to get them back now ;-) !
dancan38 • almost 4 years ago
a definite joy to the eye !
rhyull • almost 4 years ago
I guess Shredder has lost his abacus. Or maybe the beads got used as a sex toy Actually I just keep coming back here to look at that picture of Whitney; one of the best poses of the sort of girl who checks all my boxes
captblei2 • almost 4 years ago
My dissenting opinion: Spencer Bliss.
beached1 • almost 4 years ago
I considered in addition to the site picks above: Jessa Rhodes, Catie Parker, Alaina Fox, Ashley scott and Ally Ryan. But my vote goes to WHITNEY WESTGATE.
coniow • almost 4 years ago
Good for you hozerj! I find myself split about Valeria. She has a lovely face, fantastic body, knows how to move, but in the end held back, where Lauren Clare did not. I fully support DDG in respecting a model's limits, but can still be disappointed by those limits. Hopefully there is a lot more of Valeria to be seen, and lots of complements might encourage a slight stretching of those limits ;-)
hozerj • almost 4 years ago
I cast my vote for: Valeria. Dillion Harper is a close 2nd.
spoonerss • almost 4 years ago
I vote Lauren Clare
pussyman2 • almost 4 years ago
I reckon you guys were horizontal when these photos were taken. Did Steve teach you nothing? Sadly I shall not be renewing when my membership expires as other better sites have come along and too much is recycled... Taking competent photos of pretty girls is not enough. Where is the creative spirit, the originality, the sheer brilliance this site used to display? Shame I used to relish clicking onto to DD. Now it seems a duty once a week, bit like a poor marriage. C'mon guys, when you have sobered up how abouta complete shake up for 2014. New ideas, stunning sexy saucy girls, uninhibited photo shoots more and better G/G can be done
dancan38 • almost 4 years ago
In France, cigarettes have just gone up again and are worth about the month at DD... actually I'm glad I don't smoke as DD's my addiction...
rhyull • almost 4 years ago
I do seem to find myself agreeing with Conlow rather often. Not that I plan to start taking warm showers with him, to quote the immortal Clint Eastwood! I think it was 2009 that would have been a classic year for me (yes I do go into the archives Dan but only for videos). There seemed to be an endless parade of brunettes with D cups and big nipples. But that would obviously not have suited everyone. So while there is a wide variety lately and a lot of them don't rate a five on my own personal scale, they are perfect for other members. I still get my fantasy girls like Victoria Lynn and Megan Salinas and really, I'm not all THAT one-track. I can still enjoy a nice looking blonde or redhead as well. So I get some of my ideal and a lot of 'still worth watching' and so do most others here. Which means the DD people are doing their job in supplying a spectrum filmed in a particularly erotic style. I've never felt any inclination to leave since my first day here. A month's membership for not much more than the cost of a packet of fags! That's value and wanking is a lot healthier than smoking too!!
digital21 • almost 4 years ago
Whitney Westgate
maxine89 • almost 4 years ago
Lauren Clarr 1,Whitney W. 2, Victoria Lynn 3
maxdupont1970 • almost 4 years ago
Also all beautiful, for me: 1st Francesca, 2nd Dillion, 3rd Ana
sepu811 • almost 4 years ago
too difficult to decide between Lauren Claire and Whitney Westgate, they are both amazing!!
dancan38 • almost 4 years ago
quite right about Lacey Lynn, Coniow ! But then , it's one of those things... You've got to choose... And, btw, people complain there's not enough 'material' been produced this year. When you think of the material in the archives ! Started counting out in the Model Directory, the letter A alone made me giddy ! 121 girls ... multiplied by the number of sets and videos each of them made !! Added to 25 other pages !!! You could spend years without ungluing from the screen !!!! (you actually would spend hours just counting them all out ...) Would that members' grudge mean that we're consumers, spoilt, selfish and volatile,and greedy, by any chance ??? or too lazy to go back on a personal quest.
seenow41 • almost 4 years ago
divercraig • almost 4 years ago
Francesca, from a very close field.
coniow • almost 4 years ago
who8bat8, your vote is valid as Megan was new in 2013. Your vote puts her at 4 (and a very lovely girl she is to!). I am interested that Lacey Lynn and Karmen have not even been mentioned! :-(
trebor1969 • almost 4 years ago
Lauren Clare
houndoggg • almost 4 years ago
Victoria Lynn
who8bat8 • almost 4 years ago
Megan Salinas would have been the choice but was not on the list he put out.
who8bat8 • almost 4 years ago
so hard to vote i like 4 of them: Dillion Harper, Francesca Lombardi, Victoria Lynn, Whitney Westgate. i am going to have to go with Victoria Lynn something about her!
jbarre333 • almost 4 years ago
coniow • almost 4 years ago
I am very sorry some members feel that the site has gone downhill over the year. For myself I have downloaded plenty, although there are many that I did not. If I had had a 'really great' year and downloaded everything, then I bet 2/3 rds of the membership would have left before now! While it has been that about half of each month's entries are of interest, I am content, and will remain a member. (It was very rare indeed that I got that much from a magazine, the cost of 2 of which would cover my membership!)
timeclock • almost 4 years ago
Lauren Clare
dancan38 • almost 4 years ago
Well... to newcoming members, it seems we've had quite a variety of tastes fulfilled : seeing the comments , there's not always been a consensus but all the better, a free-speaking site, catering for all tastes , giving varying viewpoints by allowing peeks into Talent Searches and Backstage, Reel Life and individual comments to every single posted model, tell me of a site with so many features, not to mention the usual message board or rating ablity, archives and desktops... Wow, how can one complain on quality-for-value at DD's !!!??? As Shred would put it (Dec 26 2013) "Are you kidding ?"
nokidz4me • almost 4 years ago
I am with liquidocelot comments, 2013 was not the year for stunners with DD and I didn't renew until the very last minute. I know the DD Family had a personally rough year. I hope it all comes back together in 2014 otherwise I am moving on.
liquidocelot • almost 4 years ago
I've been a fan of this site for at least 7 years and 2013 was the year I downloaded the least. Until you guys can find someone to compete with Amber Sym or some of your other classic girls I don't have a pick. Get your mojo back lads, this site has been in a downward spiral since we lost SJH.
dancan38 • almost 4 years ago
The rules were only definite about belonging to the 2013 batch ? No other mention of fake/natural, pins/no pins, tatts or not...which seems reasonable, since DD never selected them following those features from the start. But at the same time it could show the members' indications towards future DD Talent searches...
dancan38 • almost 4 years ago
Is Catie Parker older than 2013 ? she is a great contender too...
leem9308 • almost 4 years ago
Megan Salinas
caldude85 • almost 4 years ago
And it's pretty silly that you failed to place Keisha Grey on the list of choices
caldude85 • almost 4 years ago
Keisha Grey -
ppetep • almost 4 years ago
Lauren Clare! Not even close.
hippyfunk • almost 4 years ago
Alaina Fox. Have you people forgotten ? Oh my God!
coniow • almost 4 years ago
Is everybody going to forget Presley Dawson. Come on somebody, at least 1 vote?
cfdietcoke • almost 4 years ago
Megan Salinas
moquojba • almost 4 years ago
Whitney Westgate. For all-time favorites, Ashley Brooks, Analise Hayes & Tiffany Brooks.
scorpy • almost 4 years ago
Others I would include in the running are Valeria, Lacey Lynn, Chloe Amour, and Karmen. I approve of these models as well as pretty much every other girl in your list Shred =)
scorpy • almost 4 years ago
Megan Salinas
jp3000 • almost 4 years ago
tough one, but Victoria is my choice.
mauddib • almost 4 years ago
Francesca Lambardi. For her exquisite combination of innocence and sexuality, confidence and tenderness! Anna Morna will probably get it, and Victoria Lynn is a close second (in my book), but Francesca has by far the sexiest video. Tough call, of course, but this is a situation where it's easier to say what qualities take a contender OUT of the running: Chloe Foster--too grumpy; Kenze Thomas--exhibit No. 1 in how a woman can be absolutely perfectly beautiful and not have much sex appeal, not cold (like a supermodel), just doesn't exude any feminine sizzle. Victoria Lynn--too serious (at least self-conscious, maybe); Lauren Claire--stunning, but doing that weird thing with her upper lip. Dillion Harper--VERY sexy, but would she ever get serious, even in bed?
tmtran • almost 4 years ago
Lauren Clare
disparing • almost 4 years ago
Kenze Thomas mouthwatering
twoisapair • almost 4 years ago
She goes back into the archives but my vote goes to Nikki Brooks.
coniow • almost 4 years ago
The choice is not easy, but I think it must be Lauren Clare. Must agree with biker88 about boobs, and if Lauren hadn't happened at the end of the year, about Anna Morna as well. Lovely girl. SHRED: Subject for a future blog (after Analise water baby last week). Which girl(s) would you like to see under water and why?
rhyull • almost 4 years ago
Victoria Lynn
dancan38 • almost 4 years ago
Lauren Clare for LUST PRESIDENT !!!
biker88 • almost 4 years ago
Anna Morna has my vote. A beautiful woman with a fantastic body. It's so nice to see a woman who hasn't given in to the pressure to have big, phony boobs. Natural is always best IMHO.
moonwolf • almost 4 years ago
Whitney Westgate!
oldwolf • almost 4 years ago
Dillion Harper
g37pq941 • almost 4 years ago
Were most of these pics taken on the Titanic?
tommy366 • almost 4 years ago
Victoria Lynn!
hansfalk • almost 4 years ago
Anna Morna
dugout100 • almost 4 years ago
Francesca Lombardi
sarah25 • almost 4 years ago
anna morna
victor62 • almost 4 years ago
Ashley Brookes! but if u mean this list than I'd go with Whitney Westgate.('cause she make me feel like a doggie! haha!
pt7090 • almost 4 years ago
Keisha Grey
altezzars2000 • almost 4 years ago
Kenze Thomas

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