Where would you go?

Posted on Sep 25, 2016

Abigaile Johnson

If you could instantly teleport yourself to any other place on Earth, where would you want to go? Would it be someplace significant like one of the 7 Wonders of the World? Or would you go for more of a simple transition and pop in on Scarlett Johansson in her shower?

Or better yet, if you could time travel back in time to any historical or non-historical event, what would it be? Would you go big and hit Germany in 1933 to assassinate Hitler before he could launch what would become the Holocaust? Or would you put yourself ringside at the 1964 beat down Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) gave Sonny Liston to win his first Heavyweight Championship?

Hmmm...so many possibilities...

Veronica Saint

Diana Doll

Paxton Pierce

Hayden Hawkens

Annalisa Greco

Khyanna Song

Lena Nicole

Alyssa Branch

Erica Ellyson


3 Member Comments

rickmar1 over 2 years ago
For sheer fantasy, you could put me in bed with any of the above.
surfcityjoe over 2 years ago
That pic of Veronica Saint is absolutely fantastic. Down on all fours, g-string halfway down, and that "come and get it" expression. Mercy!
electriclion over 2 years ago
The far future. Grab the current medical technology to fix my weight, diabetes, and other middle-age "issues," bring them back, and fix a few family members and close friends. Then back in time to grab my mom before her cancer wins, bring her forward and fix her. That taken care of, we can deal with anything going on today. A winning lottery ticket would be nice, but not necessary because we'd be OK.

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