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To cancel your account, simply complete the cancellation form Your cancellation request will be processed within 24 hours. Your account stays open and active until the end of your last billing period. You will NOT receive any email to confirm cancellation unless you specifically request it!


Lost / Forgotten Password

Are you sure that's your password? You can always contact support to find out what it is! Make sure to include your name, full email address and the last 8 digits of the credit card you used to subscribe. Remember, passwords are case-sensitive.

Contacting Support

Question not answered here? Simply ask our support staff .

Video Issues

Download Pause / Resume Issues

Pausing and resuming downloads is problematic, and unsupported at this time. This also means that if you're using a download program like getright, which queues downloads, there will be issues. We apologize for this inconvenience. We decided to limit this functionality to allow us to increase speeds for the majority of our users.

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