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norm5215 7 months ago
i love your hairy pussy !!
coniow 8 months ago
As a model Alex ticks all my boxes, no question. Added to that you can hear the laughter as she gets excited, the attention she pays to those perfect breasts is all I could ask for, and I will be watching this video again. But. There is something that is not QUITE there YET. (No, I do not know what IT is, just that Alex is right at the edge of it, and many girls don't get any where it). An example: Aubry Sinclair's first video is like this, but her second! I can not count how many times I have watched it, and it NEVER fails. I really want to see more more of Alex, as, once she gets that 'something' in her performance, I am sure she will be up there with the best.
pornlover0983 9 months ago
This is wonderful video that feeds into my craving for porn. I love her hairy pussy, pouty face and swollen pussy lips. Her succulent breasts and masturbation gets me crazy and cumming all over the place. Bring back more of Alex!!!!
rickmar1 9 months ago
Nice opening video for Alex. She seemed a little unpoised in spots but, finished with a flourish. She left me yearning to bury my face in between her thighs. Here's hoping she gets many more opportunities to gain that poise

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