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uptonogood • 2 months ago
Whoo! That made my day! What a sexy, cute, curvy woman!
supergepetto • 2 months ago
This girl is super sexy!!! Her striptease was so hot that I was cumming for the first time before she was completely naked. Alice has a gorgeous face and a killer, curvy body. For all of us porn lovers, this is a great porn fix!!!!
sexyboy69 • 2 months ago
I watched the video yesterday and hope to see more comments regarding the quality of the prestation. Alice likes to show at the audience how she loves her body and how she takes pleasure herself. I loved the 4 fingers deeply in the pussy and the very fast anal massage under the sunlight comming from the rigth side, it was a pure romance! Thanks Alicia and DD for this performance...
rickmar1 • 2 months ago
I can't believe I got to be the first one to rate this video. Even with her tats, Alice always pushes all of the right buttons for me. She is incredibly hot.

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