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Member Comments (12)

mickey said over 1 year ago
Need to see her in some black fishnet stockings, come-fuck-me high heels, and lace panties around her ankles and heels with her knees pulled up playing with her clit....gorgeous!!
tits4tat said over 1 year ago
Fantastic! I love everything about Catie. That orgasm was real enough for me.
jlx4fun said about 2 years ago
Very nice. She has a beautiful pussy, such nice labia, with a glimmer of wetness too.
pyro555 said about 2 years ago
Cute Girl
rachelrebecca said about 2 years ago
Incredible, A genuine orgasm, beautiful moist pussy, beautif breasts. I'll be adding Catie to my faves. I wonder if she could be persuaded to use a toy in her next vid. Something about her made me think of this.
one2play2 said about 2 years ago
INCREDIBLE!!!!Beautiful girl. The photography was great this on is more than just a favorite! Real orgasms are THE BEST!! Thank You Catie! Five hundred stars!!!!!
rdslrd11 said about 2 years ago
More Catie Parker please.
dsshop said about 2 years ago
Stunning! Catie is simply STUNNING! Beautiful Lips! I can only imagine what that soft smooth skin feels like. Thank you Catie for giving us the pleasure of watching you play with that pretty pussy to a leg shaking orgasm! Hope we see more of you here at DD!
tits4tat said about 2 years ago
If she faked that orgasm she puts Meryl Streep to shame. That was some acting if that wasn't real!
dugout100 said about 2 years ago
Catie is certainly someone worth revisiting again and again. She really showed her sexual power in this well done video - love the legs shaking as climax approached - raw energy overwhelming her. Beautiful!
rhyull said about 2 years ago
Beautiful girl with a very kissable mouth and very kissable everywhere else too. Love the firm, perky tits and the way they spring back into shape!
tenjin1971 said about 2 years ago