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Shot 6/13. One of the ways we want to improve Digital Desire is to publish new girls faster. It's been just over a month since we've had the pleasure of working with Francesca, and here she is already in her first DD pictorial. As a photog, I had it pretty easy shooting Francesca. She's a pretty girl, what can I say. How about I let the photos speak for themselves. -Mark Lit
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Member Comments (13)

jimmyseven said over 1 year ago
Unbelievably beautiful. Ooooohh.....
michaeljones2 said almost 2 years ago
Sweet. Francesca is sure to become very popular. What a cutie.
divercraig said almost 2 years ago
Wow! Fantastically beautiful, natural young lady. Very hot and sexy.
maxdupont1970 said almost 2 years ago
A natural beauty at its best ! Bravo
bob1glitch said about 2 years ago
Exceptionally beautiful girl, and an awesome set!!! Thank you much and keep it coming. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!
dsshop said about 2 years ago
Pretty, Beautiful, and so SEXY! Francesca is a new FAVE!
sepu811 said about 2 years ago
SUPER HOT..mmmmmmm, and thanks for the barefoot. Really sexy natural beauty...and nice strip, just to lick! Her pussy looks so nice
valarana said about 2 years ago
Could Malena Morgan, the reigning Diva of the past few years, have an heir to her throne? Francesca's perfect, athletic body, her hair, great lips and killer smile all make up the pedestal for the work of art that are her smouldering eyes. Penetrating, mysterious and dark. This wonderful model and I are going to spend some time together very soon; at least in my imagination. Great work, guys.
tits4tat said about 2 years ago
Gorgeous girl! The type you could take to bed and still take home to meet mom. Very sexy without being a ridiculous caricature.
dugout100 said about 2 years ago
It doesn't get any better!!! More!!!
lostnoiz said about 2 years ago
Excellent set... just a pretty girl getting naked with no ridiculous poses. Beautifully manicured landing strip I'm may add...
dancan38 said about 2 years ago
youthful beauty, beautiful proportions, pretty and fit, alive, no extreme improbable poses, she's the epitome of sexy glamour ! The variety of facials, together with an unadulterated body, no pins no tats, no dangling bras or knickers... It all comes so naturally .... That girl is the exact image of DD ! All we want now is to see her more sexually implied, but that can be in a coming set, take your time !
darlings01966 said about 2 years ago
What's with using the name of a famous soprano? Aren't you guys going to get sued? Same applies for Jade Couture, of the wedding magazine. They are otherwise beautiful girls, but I wonder at these choices....