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Member Comments (16)

muskyme said 7 months ago
Classy video. Makes feel lease of a prev watching such a beautiful video
rumo5757 said about 1 year ago
Thank you for doing classy shoot. It leaves something for the imagination and excitement. Beautiful lady, wow
hippyfunk said about 1 year ago
try again with Karmen. It's worth a shot! Maybe she'll loosen up with the right camera-person.
calypso said over 1 year ago
One of my favorite new beauties on the site!
bowsersheepdog said over 1 year ago
dancan38 said over 1 year ago
At the end of the day, she's still an opportunity of seeing a beautiful girl unveiling herself, which is something I rarely come across in my ageing everyday life !!!
njcelt said over 1 year ago
l agree with the consensus, she shouldn't do anything she's not comfortable with. that being said,Karmen is an easy 6 (outta 5) maybe she'll become more uninhibited, as her DD star rises! we'll benefit from that greatly. My wife would like the chance to lather Karmen up, l would too
dancan38 said over 1 year ago
and agree, too, with all the common sense expressed by bowser and coniow. It should calm down the fiery reactions that sometimes spring up. This is no battlefield but Hyde Park Speaker's Corner !
dancan38 said over 1 year ago
And as you'd said before, rhyull, even each of us wants different things, depending on the time and mood... But then it's good to 'hear' all that life going on behind the backdrops or down there in the pit !!!
coniow said over 1 year ago
Seems to me too that there is plenty of eye contact with the camera. As for how far a girl will go: When asked Amber Sym said (from a daily word) 'that's private' and fair enough. Victoria Valmer also has a limit. If you want to see these girls than you have to respect that or they will stop modeling for you I suspect. That said, you can tell them how beautiful they are and build their confidence, point out that a lot of girls who have 'bitten the bullet' and masturbated in front of a camera crew have had one hell of a rush from it, knowing every eye is on them, spell bound, which gives THEM the power. The self confidence they gained from that will lsat a life time! Then sit back and hope curiosity will do the rest :-) . If it doesn't, Well you still got to see a beautiful girl with nothing on! As for Karmen, I would love to see more of her with nothing on: beautiful!
crapland1 said over 1 year ago
She's gorgeous; enough said.
captblei2 said over 1 year ago
Odd. In the version of this video that I downloaded, there's plenty of eye contact and Karmen seems very happy! The young lady is exquisitely beautiful, and in my opinion this is an excellent video.
bowsersheepdog said over 1 year ago
karmen is scrumptious and if she doesn't wish to be as blatantly explicit as some girls are comfortable with that's fine. i don't think that any girl should feel she has to do something she doesn't want to do. personally i like to have some videos, indeed photosets too, where the model makes no eye contact with the lens, as this allows the viewer to enjoy a voyeuristic experience which is broken by eye contact. the sense of peeping in on a girl's private moments without her being aware is only possible in such scenes. it's similar to the recent argument over a billowing curtain, and as rhyull says it's the variation to cater for all tastes which keeps the freshness about the site. it would be no more appealing to have every single update tailored specifically to my personal tastes than it would be to have none. the sense of excitement on viewing each day's offering would rapidly diminish without the element of jeopardy as to it's contents. whilst not wishing to be outright disappointed by some, the "oh yes" moment when an update really hits the spot simply wouldn't exist without that differentiation.
tits4tat said over 1 year ago
Karmen is really beautiful. I want to disappear to a villa in Tuscany with her for a month or two. This video is way softer than what this audience is used to. The multiple cameras also seem to be upsetting some viewers because the model can't maintain eye contact with all of them.
rhyull said over 1 year ago
We all want something different don't we? Some prefer to have every video with nothing obscuring their view for a second and the camera practically jammed up a girl's cunt. Others like it more subtle. Some like dildos others prefer fingers. None of us gets what we want all the time but what keeps us here is the quality of how beautiful the girls are, and the way DD brings out that beauty. Karmen is certainly living up to that aspect. She also looks like she's barely 19 and maybe making her first video. So she will naturally appeal more to those who are happy enough to watch a soft movie of a beautiful young woman who doesn't move like her vibrator is in the shop for its 50,000 mile service. No criticism here, like I said everyone has different wants in their videos and they are all valid. So yeah I liked watching her on that level. She has nice tits and a nice bush and a very sweet smile. If you prefer more, maybe it won't work for you though.
dugout100 said over 1 year ago
Beautiful woman - give her some time. Loved the video and her smiles.