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vizual • 12 months ago
For reasons unknown, I am not a panties male. They can be cute, but the sooner they are gone, the better. Kenna kept sacra blue panties on her ankle the whole video. I was enthralled. That was my reaction to what I usually do not like. Kenna, I do not like you. Kenna, I love you. Maybe, I am in love with you. That perfect skin, slow dancing with the green trees. Her soft blonde hair is really sexy as she swings it. I'm very good with Kenna at this point. But it gets better. Great ass. Great everything. Beautiful lips and teeth. Exceptionally beautiful lady! Her clit drag was either painful or blissful. Then, when she curls up and relaxes, I had the same reaction: Since I couldn't be with her, it hurt. Kenna, you are a work of rare art.
ninobarlini • about 1 year ago
Enthralled - to hold spellbound. Yeah, that pretty much describes how I feel when I see Kenna.
plemon • about 1 year ago
She's really cute and sexy !
moquojba • about 1 year ago
She just gets better and better --- wow!
drknight1 • about 1 year ago
There is nothing I can say to do this beautiful woman justice.
scooterific • about 1 year ago
The force is strong in this one

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