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mauddibb • 10 months ago
Agree with rickmar1 (although I don't care about tats or butt fingering). It's refreshing to see a model here who doesn't look like jail bait or a pro (fashion or porn). I think Lena has an interesting, intelligent face. Great natural breasts!
pulchra • 10 months ago
What she does with her breasts alone earns her 5 stars. And the rest isn't bad either!
moquojba • 10 months ago
rickmar1 • 10 months ago
This is why we have elections. I think Lena is a fantastic addition. I didn't see a single thing about her that I don't like. Her beautiful boobs got me hard as soon as she showed them. Add in a great face, great ass, and that beautiful bush and you have a definite winner. Not only that, but also no tats or piercings and her putting her finger up her butt while masturbating is as close to perfection that you can get for me. I'm in love. You have to bring her back!!
philwasback • 10 months ago
What a splendid body! mature and natural! and... a lovely bush

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