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uptonogood 11 months ago
Rickmar1 and Vizual basically took the words out of my mouth! She's sexy from head to toe-- amazing natural breasts . . . and oh, that bush! I'm not saying every model needs to grow out her bush, but I love it, love it, love it on Lena Paul!
shankar52jan 11 months ago
Pussy fully exposed for us
vizual 11 months ago
Agreeing with lenny and rick, wow: What a woman! At about 117 pounds, it is amazing she can throw so much desire out there. Gorgeous breasts. Forget everything. She is really put together, and this one likes deep penetration, with just a tease or two to her clit. Drop dead hair. I'll never look at a piano the same way! In case you forgot, or missed it, really sexy dress and Lena wears it perfectly. That said, I like her head to toes ... and as good as she looks dressed, she's even better undressed ... and from every angle. Cold shower time....
rickmar1 11 months ago
WOW, that went by fast! The one thing that really caught my eye were Lena"s boobs. I love a woman with natural, unenhanced boobs. I love the way they move when she moves, move when she touches them. Unlike fake boobs that barely move even if the model is doing jumping jacks. IMO Lena is the whole package and I do hope to see her around here more often.

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