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rickmar1 • about 2 years ago
Every bit as hot 4 yrs. later.
who8bat8 • about 5 years ago
daym that is hottt!
django72 • over 5 years ago
She's gorgeous. But why tattoos?
sexaddict • almost 6 years ago
Just staggeringly beautiful. If I'm ever granted the proverbial three wishes, Malena will be #1. Perfection!
produceman711 • almost 6 years ago
I could stare at picture 22 all day, thank you for such an awsome shot. The pose, the lighting, the hair,and the outfit all took a very sensual model to a whole new level. Thanks guys and thank you Malena, you are so beautiful and amazing!
horsenu • almost 6 years ago
Malena is Awesome in this set! Great Poses! Super Photography! I don't think you have taken a bad picture of Malena. Every shot of Malena is Great. But #92 in 3000 - My eyes went @@! The smoldering, sexual passion that Malena has in her beautiful hazel eyes! Her perfectly round, firm breasts! And, then Malena, abre tu más lujoso, deliciosos, rosa, mojado coño; Amazing! ~(¡)~ ! - The Ultimate - Intimate, Erotic Pose! Whatta A Fantasy Picture! Gracias, Malena!
valarana • almost 6 years ago
Not a big tat fan, but this is one model I actually appreciate the tats on. No need to photoshop them out, imho.
supaid • about 6 years ago
Ditto what everyone else said. This woman knows what the hell she's doing!
sarah25 • over 6 years ago
Malena is the best of them all. She is a classic beauty with a perfect body!!!
eveq101 • over 6 years ago
Malena loves her job and body! good image framing (good job Mr. photographer)
wolf55 • over 6 years ago
A month should never go by that we don't get an update with Malena! Love this girl so much! :D
andrewdark • over 6 years ago
Wonderful! Both Malena and the photos. I also like the simple but yet perfect makeup Malena wears. Subtle, but it really enhances her beauty.
tetschner9863 • over 6 years ago
Good work Malena Morgan you are the fucking best right now and your friend hayden hawkens is right behind you she's fucking hot ass to. Would like to see more of Hayden Hawkens on here thanks DDG.
ricomike • over 6 years ago
I concur 100%. A truely superlative shoot!
babylon47 • over 6 years ago
There is new synonym for beauty Malena Morgan.
daddyoh • over 6 years ago
Never thought anyone would ever match Kayden Kross for perfection, but Malena Morgan is in the same category. Wow.
sepu811 • over 6 years ago
OMG awesome shot...thanks a lot guyz...you always did an awesome work. She is awesome and perfect 100%!! More of her please..I can't never have enough :-))
penguin • over 6 years ago
She's a hottie with a cute face, and a nice little body, but what sets her apart from most is her ability to project raw sexual energy. Very hot.
hs8092ad • over 6 years ago
Great set, love this girl
rickmar • over 6 years ago
WOW! Absolutely spectacular! I don't see how you could ever top this set. Thanks and a special thanks to Malena.
sonofzog • over 6 years ago
And Mark, thank you so very very much for all the horizontal shots--my widescreen monitor can feature a different Malena photo every day for months! And thanks for grouping all the cookie closeups at the end of the set, where I could easily delete them.
sonofzog • over 6 years ago
Malena is not only physically beautiful in every way, but she is one of the most erotic models I've ever seen. I've seen more than one of her videos in which she very obviously climaxed and her g/g scenes are very convincing. As far as I know, she hasn't done any b/g videos and I hope it stays that way forever.
tits4tat • over 6 years ago
A beautiful model beautifully shot. Well done!
liquidocelot • over 6 years ago
I have a funny feeling this will be the best set of the month. Oh Malena, you are a goddess.

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